about the scents

About PSdA

Parfum Sortilege d’Avalon is all about The Scent. There are natural essences and synthetic aromas in these fragrances. They smell seriously good and are not meant to be Serious. They are fantasy fragrances that evoke the mood, images, associations and other elements of the names and pictures.

So much of Magick depends on Intention, of course, so you may find the fragrances helpful, useful and otherwise inspiring in your Meditations, Workings and Journeys. They are not and are not intended as Aromatherapy.

I find inspiration all around me, in the people and things, ideas and art I love. Mythology, Feminism, Theatre, Wales, my gardnes, Victorian artists, the Arts and Crafts movement, friends, animal companions, the Earth, the Goddess in her many aspects and my dreams of all these and more.

As with any cosmetic product, use common sense. If you experience irritation, discontinue use. No medical advice or remedy is implied or intended.